AmdoSoft Systems Announces Signing a Strategic Agreement with Channel Tools

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AmdoSoft Systems Announces Signing a Strategic Agreement with Channel Tools


Channel Tools, a leading company driving new technology distribution and integration solutions, announces signing a strategic agreement with AmdoSoft Systems. Channel Tools has now added RPA technology to its available portfolio of solutions. This agreement will allow Channel Tools to develop a sales channel in the EMEA region for driving AmdoSoft Systems.

Working with AmdoSoft Systems will give us access to a solution range focussed on RPA, Synthetic monitoring and IT automation. It will allow organisations to automate routine tasks and streamline workflow allowing reduction in cost whilst improving efficiencies.

Kewal Gupta, CEO at Channel Tools, said: “AmdoSoft Systems not only strengthens our range of solutions focused in Data and AI but extends it by adding AI driven RPA and synthetic monitoring. Working with AmdoSoft will allow business partners to offer end users technology that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, reducing errors, and ensuring that applications are available and responsive.”

Mario Griffith, CEO at AmdoSoft Systems , added, “AmdoSoft/b4 enables businesses to streamline their operations by automating workflows and processes, increase their efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks as well as agility in order to respond more quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. We are excited about partnering up with the marketing and sales specialist Channel Tools and the opportunity to reach a wider audience for our RPA solution through its established distribution channels.”

More about Channel Tools: Channel Tools works with high potential, emerging and innovative technology vendors to support their growth and adoption with channel. In addition, Channel Tools provides comprehensive marketing services.