Synthetic Monitoring|Providing complete view of application performance across the entire delivery chain


Why Synthetic Monitoring?

For a large part, user satisfaction of cloud services and business applications depends on their overall performance and availability. Monitoring application performance end-to-end provides the perspective and experience of the user rather than concentrating upon traditional quality of service metrics such as the network, database, telecoms provider etc.

The b4 Bot is a fully automated „User“ with mouse click and keyboard, which regularly and continuously performs checks on your most critical services. Those measurements take into account all of an application’s technical components from the end user’s workstation right through to the application. In this way, they are representative of the quality of service received by end users.





Potenzial RPA

The focus of synthetic monitoring is on the availability and performance of applications from the user's perspective, something that can not be mastered with traditional network monitoring systems alone. Synthetic monitoring solutions, such as the b4 Bot, simulate and measure real user activities, and report on performance issues before they can become mission-critical.

Synthetic Monitoring as a QM-Tool

Updates and migrations of integrated business applications can be sustainable on the productivity of the entire company. It is therefore advisable to test the application process after such changes before the actual rollout.


Binding SLAs define which service quality is to be provided for each application. Synthetic monitoring with b4 delivers reliable, validated key figures for application operation and allows thus to document compliance with all relevant compliance requirements.

E-Shop Optimisation

A company's ecommerce website has to meet many requirements: user-friendly interface, no vulnerabilities, up-to-date content, and more - A key factor is your own IT: How reliable can business transactions be handled using digital technologies? The operation of the internet platform should be constantly monitored. AmdoSoft sets up a virtual user for its customers, the operator of the ecommerce offering, who does more than just monitor it.

IT Image

Synthetic monitoring helps to demonstrate SLAs and availability of applications and services, and is the perfect technology to detect and proactively address bottlenecks and quality issues.




  • Avoiding SLA injuries and penalties
  • Detecting vulnerabilities along a service chain
  • Possibility of proactive initiation of countermeasures
  • Increasing end user / customer satisfaction



  • Monitoring availability and performance of applications / services from a user perspective
  • Review from multiple locations
  • Support for all common and self-developed applications
  • Continuous simulation of complex test steps
  • Fast deployment and configuration
  • Highly secure facility
  • Intelligent notification via e-mail or SMS
  • Audit-proof logging and long-term archiving of the data
  • Performance, availability and error messages
  • Performance trends over day / week / month / year
  • Screenshots and logged performance data


How we do this?

We train our b4 Bot to simulate the operation of a real user on the computer.
In doing so, he objectively checks and measures the user experience, collects and correlates all relevant data, alerts and informs you in real time.

Errors and their sources are identified more quickly and performance issues can be proactively resolved before becoming business critical.



Your benefit

  • Central monitoring
  • Management and IT View
  • Live view of b4 Bot activities
  • Insight into performance and availability of the IT service (not just the IT systems)
  • Performance problems are made visible
  • KPIs from other systems can be taken into account through interfaces
  • Reduction of monitoring costs