b4 Suite



One System, Endless Possibilities to Enable your RPA Vision



b4 Infrastructure 


b4 Controller


The central administration point for your digital workforce

  • Consistency check issue
  • Operate IT and business processes from one workflow in parallel
  • Configure and organize b4 Bots and b4 agents easily
  • Access and management from any location
  • Real-time overview and control
b4 Bot


Software robot for automated execution of your business processes

  • Use of the usual user interface
  • Enhanced with AI and cognitive skills
  • Easily scalable


b4 Agent


IT client for automated IT processes

  • Collect system health information
  • Use interfaces
  • Check devices and services
  • Accepts and forwards commands to machines and systems
  • Alert and report



b4/RPA Module

Process Documentation, RPA Configuration & Management

Graphical Rules Editor (GRE)

In the GRE module, you define and configure all desired actions within the process flow as well as logical responses to possible incidents or status changes within your network.

  • Graphical modeling of rules
  • Simple drag and drop method
  • If-then principle
  • Extensive template
  • Rule template


Object Manager

Detailed list of all devices and services integrated in b4, as well as b4 Bots and their individual b4 checkpoints (work steps).

  • Determine object status quickly
  • Define and update user rights
  • Create and manage objects
  • Set and adjust parameters

Automation Manager

The Automation Manager is an easy-to-use module for recording, documenting and optimizing your business processes to be automated.

    The process flow is recorded during the execution of the employee and automatically documented. Professional and technical information about the process and its elements are stored.
    Recorded processes can be subsequently run through, evaluated and adapted.
    Semantic and technical weaknesses are identified and remedied at an early stage.
    Completely modeled processes are delegated to the b4 Bot.


Everything at a glance

The b4 Dashboard is a web-based application and enables an overview of the entire system status and links to b4 software components.


Customized reporting - Everything you need to create reports quickly and easily

With the Report Designer Engine (RDE) you can graphically model your reports and choose in which format, at what time and to whom to send them.


b4 Mobile App

Expanded accessibility and flexibility

Supervise your RPA environment at any time, from anywhere!

• Current status of your IT infrastructure and b4 Bots
• Detailed dashboards
• Scheduling and licensing information
• Individual configuration
• Real-time alerts

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