Advanced Reporting


b4 Report Designer

Reporting made easy

Generate meaningful reports on the status, availability and performance of your RPA-environment, analyze parameters and define improvements to insure growth.

Reporting with b4

Simplify complex data

Comprehensive reports in the form of integrated templates

Report generation in all common formats

Individualization through:

  •  Company logo
  •  Colours
  •  Different types of charts and graphs
  •  Automatic date stamp




  • Clear, goal-oriented selection of data
  • Recipient-oriented processing
  • Appealing look
  • Graphics instead of tables
  • Individual key figures instead of completeness
  • Identify potential errors faster
  • Reduce effort for manual corrections
  • Predict possible bottlenecks more easily
  • Adjust thresholds
  • Act proactively

Schedule Report Manager

Schedule your reporting successfully

The Schedule Report  Manager provides full control over reporting needs.

Choose from a wide selection of templates or create your own.

Determine in advance which report should be sent to whom and at what time.