Recommended b4 Controller update procedure

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Recommended b4 Controller update procedure

By selecting the newest b4 update available in the Update Manager on your b4 Console, previous updates (hotfix) can be downloaded and automatically installed at the same time. However, if the number of pending updates is large (especially with several b4 versions), it is advisable to update in chunks.

It is essential to ensure that with each individual update all b4 agents are updated as well before the next update is initiated.

In the following we give our recommendation of the sequence for updating b4 from V7.4. For each new b4 update package, we will create an up-to-date list.


- V7.4
- Hotfix 205790
- Hotfix 205908
- Hotfix 205224
- Hotfix 205680
- V7.4 SP1
- Hotfix 205951
- V7.5
- Hotfix 206242
- Hotfix 206333
- V7.5 SP1
- Newest available hotfix



Please do not hesitate to contact our support in case you need recommended procedure for updates prior to V7.4 or use our professional services to take over b4 updates for you.